Cologne.rb meetups in 2012

Last week a few rubyists met for some Glühwein and discussed the plans for the ruby meetups here in Cologne next year. These are the results. 

  • next meetup: 18. Januar 2012
  • the location rotates and we'll meet in different locations every month.
  • we'll setup a new mailing list on google groups which is easier accessible as the current mailing list
  • we'll use hack to publish the events and to have an ical feed
  • we'll create a new website based on the Hamburg Usergroup
  • Cologne.rb will be the name thus we'll have and

What have I forgotten? See you next year! 

Cologne Ruby Meetup tonight 7:00 p.m.

Just a quick reminder we will meet tonight at the christmas market at Heumarkt. We'll meet exactly here.

if you don't find us. call me and follow my tweets.

Dear Rubyists from greater Cologne!

In November 2005 we've started the first Ruby usergroup in cologne. Back then we've been 4 people who met for beers. This was nearly exactly 6 years ago.  Unfortunately the meetup has soon become inactive - actually I can not remember when that was and how it happened.

After that, I guess in 2007 the started with greater success. It was a meetup which first took place in the rooms of the Chaos Computer Club Cologne. Sadly I haven't participated in that meetup very activly :( *bad bumi*

Early this year the meetup then has moved to cowoco and renewed itself with about 30+ people attending. The following events had been awesome! Great talks and even better discussions. Unfortunatelly, after summer we've became very inactive again. Not many people participated on the mailing list and the event hasn't taken place in the last two months.


And now is the time to rethink the meetup.
I know we have so many awesome ruby developers here in cologne, working on exciting projects! 

We need to connect, share, teach in our local ruby community!
Let's work together to bring back one of the best tech meetups in Cologne!

To get this started again I propose the following things:

  • changing the mailing list to something that is more accessible.
    This is something I've heard several times. The current mailinglist is kinda hard to follow and it's hard for people to get into the conversation. -this is especially the case for new people.
    I also think the mailing list has some spam issues?!
  • maybe using a google group for now. I do not really like google groups but it works for cologneJS.
  • better organizations/archiving of the talk material like slides etc. - obviously ;)
  • inviting more speakers
    speakers exchange is a great. I herby invite @joshkalderimis to tell us about travis-ci
  • meetup for some delicious Glühwein on the christmas market to discuss these things
    Date: 14th Dez. 07:00pm at Heumarkt

What do you think? How do you feel about the cologne ruby meetup? Who joins me?

Cologne.rb let's unite!

Thank you.

Since today is Thanksgiving I was thinking what I'm thankful for in my everyday developer life. These were the first 3 or 4 things that came to my mind.  

my coworkers and our clients: For making everyday a new exciting challenge. for allowing me to work on exciting projects and to learn every day. For giving me freedom and inspiration to experiment. Without you this would be pretty boring. <3 <3 <3

Github: Can you imagine the time without github? I can not. Github made it so super awesome to share code and work together. Following and participating in OpenSource projects got so easy that it boosts my learnings everyday. Without github my developer life would be not so exciting and I would be a far worse developer.

Twitter: Twitter has become one of my main sources of information and about staying in touch with ppl all over... actually either you know why or you would not understand. ;)

The ruby community for beeing friendly, helpful, innovative, awesome. MINSWAN!

-  on a sidenote: why haven't I heard any german Erntedank stuff on the web in the last weeks? 

Global Day of Coderetreat Cologne/Bonn

The upcoming saturday (Dez. 3rd) is Global Day of Coderetreat. It’s a world-wide event celebrating passion and software craftsmanship. 

Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.

You can find more information about the Coderetreat format and the event on the official website. For cologne all the information is on a github wiki and you should follow the office twitter account for updates.

The event will take place in our office and starts at 8:30 in the morning.
See you there!

What's in your bag? - Pictures of the Railslove Team

Fellow Railslover Paul is currently taking pictures of the whole team. For that he also asked everyone to show what's in our bags and took pictures of the belongings. 

I really love the results. What are the pictures telling about the people? ;) 

Have a look at the first batch of pictures in the photoset on facebook.

And what's in your bag?

around the web 30/11

rspec is lovely

A few days ago I’ve visited my friend and fellow railslover @reddavis in bath and I was lucky to get a great rspec2 tutorial at the bathcamp (the bath unconference). rspec really has some great features that make writing and maintaining specs a lot more easy and fun. Red has posted some examples on the railslove blog. So make sure to test rspec2 and read red’s post 

my new home on the internet

I haven't been blogging for quite a yeah, finally this is my new blog. Hosted on tumblr. Expect random stuff about the web, web development, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and anything else that comes to my head.

Actually I'm still looking for a perfect software that provides the tools to publish online.  
I'd basicly like to do is some kind of aggregation of stuff I've published somewhere on the web into my blogging stream. Guess one may call that lifestream. ;) But all solutions I've seen do a pretty bad job making sure sure the blog doesn't get spammed. I want to show you my links on delicious. my commits on github, my fotos on flickr, etc. - if it's of interest for you. Yes, tumblr allows importing external sources, which publishes every entry as single post. So importing my github feed would publish one post per commit, but what I actually want to tell is that I've worked on project X. Hope you get the idea. What do you think?

Anyhow until I find somthing that I really like. This is my new home on the interwebs. 

Hello, is this thing on?

1-2, 1-2 test. ;)

another try for a tumblog.