Thank you.

Since today is Thanksgiving I was thinking what I'm thankful for in my everyday developer life. These were the first 3 or 4 things that came to my mind.  

my coworkers and our clients: For making everyday a new exciting challenge. for allowing me to work on exciting projects and to learn every day. For giving me freedom and inspiration to experiment. Without you this would be pretty boring. <3 <3 <3

Github: Can you imagine the time without github? I can not. Github made it so super awesome to share code and work together. Following and participating in OpenSource projects got so easy that it boosts my learnings everyday. Without github my developer life would be not so exciting and I would be a far worse developer.

Twitter: Twitter has become one of my main sources of information and about staying in touch with ppl all over... actually either you know why or you would not understand. ;)

The ruby community for beeing friendly, helpful, innovative, awesome. MINSWAN!

-  on a sidenote: why haven't I heard any german Erntedank stuff on the web in the last weeks?