my new home on the internet

I haven't been blogging for quite a yeah, finally this is my new blog. Hosted on tumblr. Expect random stuff about the web, web development, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and anything else that comes to my head.

Actually I'm still looking for a perfect software that provides the tools to publish online.  
I'd basicly like to do is some kind of aggregation of stuff I've published somewhere on the web into my blogging stream. Guess one may call that lifestream. ;) But all solutions I've seen do a pretty bad job making sure sure the blog doesn't get spammed. I want to show you my links on delicious. my commits on github, my fotos on flickr, etc. - if it's of interest for you. Yes, tumblr allows importing external sources, which publishes every entry as single post. So importing my github feed would publish one post per commit, but what I actually want to tell is that I've worked on project X. Hope you get the idea. What do you think?

Anyhow until I find somthing that I really like. This is my new home on the interwebs.