2012 was nothing but an incredible event and I was told that people really enjoyed and loved it. The quality of discussions and talks was just mind-blowing. For me I can also say the best event I've co-organized ;)

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For those who haven't attended: What is
It's a fully community driven event. No marketing bla bla. focus strictly on content, inspiring and educating talks, great hacking. A product of everyone's participation. If you haven't attended, ask someone who has been there. 

Lately more people have asked me about in 2012:

Will there be a in 2012??

To make it short: YES! we want to have a 2012. 

But for 2012 I'd like to propose something... has been about bringing passionate people together, learning and pushing the node.js community. In 2011 we gathered at cowoco in Cologne/Germany but this is an european, international event! So Tim and I would like to see beeing hosted in another country.

We'd like to turn the into an yearly event hosted in different countries.

- somewhat similar to the EurukoIt shall become the yearly node.js event organized by the european node.js community. 

Over the next week I will turn into the central resource for the event in 2012 and the next years.  

What do you think?
What would you like to the nodecamp 2012 to be?