#IamSatoshi - we are all Satoshi


So there have been again some big media houses publishing stories that they have found Satoshi Nakamoto. This time again for real, really... trust us. 

The Bitcoin boards on reddit are full of posts about the story. Most of them are very critical and arguing it is a hoax. (wondering why the media companies always fail on that...but that’s a different story)

It seems the whole Bitcoin world has no better topic to talk about. And it seems it gets forgotten that Bitcoin is decentralized and open source... 


Even though if someone will be able to proof that she is Satoshi Nakamoto...it does not matter at all in the decentralized network.

All the contributors of all the implementations are Satoshi. All the people publishing source code for the bitcoin ecosystem are Satoshi. All the people writing documentation, articles, help on forums. Everyone involved in mining. Everyone who runs a Bitcoin node. All the organizers of the many Bitcoin related meetups, all the meetup attendees. All the companies working on Bitcoin related stuff. Everyone using Bitcoin, and I the list goes on and on... #IamSatoshi

Let’s keep on working together on Bitcoin the peer to peer network. 

We are all Satoshi - How are you Satoshi?