Meet - collect photos, get prints delivered to your door

A few months ago I've built an app for my grandma. More or less the first time my skills have become directly useful for my grandma - so I am pretty happy about that. :) Our family is spread across many cities and continents and I thought it would be nice if she gets some impressions from her big family more often delivered to her house. First my plan was to get her a digital picture frame but she does not have internet and having something physical is still way nicer.

So I've built an application that allows everyone to send photos and once a certain number of photos is reached the pictures get printed and delivered to her house. Everyone simply sends in photos via e-mail and roughly once a month she gets a package of photos from all over the world. 

Because I like the idea of constantly collecting some photos and getting them printed and send to myself or friends and family I made this application available for everyone: 

Meet - tasveer literally means a picture or a photo in Hindi. (thanks to Puneet for the name) The app lets you create an album with a custom e-mail address. Simply send photos to that e-mail address and once 25 pictures are collected prints will be delivered to the configured recipients. 

I am using it for myself, collecting photos on the road and getting prints automatically sent home. 

The app is open source and I am planning some more features to make it as easy and seamless as possible. (The interface is currently very basic and rough - anyone wants to join and work on the UI?) 

Prints are currently free because I have not yet implemented any payment options but I’d love to hear what you think. :)

Visit and create your album.