A jekyll theme optimized for meetups


We are having an online payment meetup next week in Kigali and for the announcement I needed a simple website. I did not want to use something like meetup.com just because it is way too much and too complicated. 
To make it easy to host I wanted to have a static website but with the functionality to RSVP and list the participants. 

I’ve ended up forking @brianmaierjr’s great jekyll theme long-haul (as seen on the image above) and added some functionality that was needed for an event page: mainly RSVPs, embeded loaction map, and information about when and where.

Because jekyll generates a static website the theme uses stamplay.com as a backend as a service provider to store the event participants. 

Have a look at the source and readme over here: https://github.com/bumi/long-haul

To create your own site, simply for the repository, customize to your needs and deploy it to a static site hoster like github pages.

And, hey, if you are in Kigali, stop by at our meetup next week.