Sending Bitcoin to a Kenyan mobile money account using the telegram messenger

Update: This post was about a technical prototype application that I've developed which allowed you to use bitcoin to send money to an m-pesa mobile money account. I've made a demo video about the app here. The demo got great attention and but sadly I had to remove the post and replace it with this clearification. If you have questions, please contact me

Update (August 2016): KenyaInsights article: "Revealed: How A Worried Safaricom Used Backdoor To Shutdown Bitcoin Which Was Set To Neutralize Mpesa Dominance In Kenya"

You might have seen the demo of a little hack that I have done while visiting Nairobi. The demo shows how it could look like to request money (in my case Bitcoin) through a messenger like whatsapp or telegram and how the m-mesa agents work.

Surprisingly the post got some attention but it seems quite some people have miss interpreted it (or haven't read my blog post at all). That's why I had to decide to remove the post.

If you have seen the demo you find some more explanation about it here: Some explanation about the Bitcoin-Telegram bot - some things that I should have probably emphasised more in the first place...lession learned.

My sole interest was to experiment with possible user experience ideas and integrations. Again: it is not a product that is usable now and no currency conversion whatsoever took place. Also in most cases m-pesa is used through a hack from an android phone. Nothing that would work besides from such a demo.

Oh and when you read stuff on the internet... do not forget: it is THE INTERNET and here is some cat content: image here is more: there is a whole blog about cats and money: