Help making AfricaHackTrip - The Movie

tl;dr: Please support our indiegogo campaign to make the AfricaHackTrip movie. Click here.

From our tour to explore the vibrant East African tech scene in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania we have collected more than 30 hour of video footage and thousands of pictures. Our goal now is to turn this into a movie - a documentary about East African tech hubs and about what we have found visiting some very inspiring places

Our goal is to to share the information and experiences with the communities in Europe and make more people aware of the fast growing tech scene in East Africa. - Something that I was not aware of prior to the trip. 

To achieve this we need your help! It is a lot of work to go through all the material and turn it in a documentary. And we need to hire someone for cutting the material and the post production. For that we are looking to  raise 7000 USD

If you like what we are doing and if you are interested in the movie please head over to our indiegogo campaign and support us. - Did I mention that we have some great perks to say thank you? 

Also please consider spreading the word? Know anybody who might be interested, please let them know and share the link to the campaign and our website:

Did I mention we have some awesome perks for you? 

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