About me

Hey my name is Michael Bumann (you have guessed that, right?).
I’m a Software Engineer and open web enthusiast.

My current research topics focus on decentralization and decentralized autonomous organizations as well as financial systems and crypto currencies (Bitcoin).

Until 2016 I’ve been working with Railslove a software consultancy which I have co-founded in 2008 and that grew out of the passion to create sustainable software for innovative web products.

I am also trying to understand our beautiful world a little better and this is my bucket list for that.

You can read more details about my past and current work on my profile and find me on GitHub, Fediverse/Mastodon, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, and elsewhere on the interweb.

Feel free to contact me:

mail: hello@michaelbumann.com
phone: +49176 22747893 (signal/whatsapp)
in person: where.is.michaelbumann.com

PGP fingerprint: 18F1 CDD3 E5DE E065 20B4 C203 7B03 B936 9716 70EC”